Author: Jessica Dahl
June 29, 2019

I've been having some conversations with people I coach or friends over coffee and maybe you can relate?

When is it that we forget who we are? Why is it that we lose ourselves? 

I think back as I was looking at some old journals and it’s interesting that there can be times in life that I have been so confident and then other times where I feel like I am just getting back up.  I was listening to a podcast and it was talking about how no matter how many people she’s worked with, she has never had an addict, someone with bulimia or really almost anyone not believe the lie of “I am not enough”. She said that even the most successful actors or musicians can sell something for a multi million dollars and still feel "not enough" because it may have happened so instantly, they didn't feel like they earned it or that they aren't seen by who they are but what they have.  So they feel like they're "not enough."  For me, I'm like wow! If I could sell something i've done for more than a million dollars, sign me up! But there comes a point in all of our lives where we find our worth in something other than who we are.

Somehow most of us don’t feel like we are enough for whatever it is in life we are after or looking for. How crazy is this?

I thought of this while I was listening to it because I can relate. When I think about romantic love, it’s easier for me to think “I could love someone forever”, while the thought of “someone could love me forever” is way harder. It scares me and thoughts of "I am not enough" creep in.  Then as I transitioned from doing hair full time to wellness/life coaching there were many fears at times that "I am not enough" because well..there are SO many others that are doing this kind of work.  But guess what….there is no one like me!!! I just have to continue to believe this and say it out loud. I am bold, talented, smart, encouraging, motivating, inspiring, loving, giving, courageous, strong, willing, life giving! I also don't say this for you to feel bad for me or say awwwww, Jess, you are enough.  This is because I want to remind you that we all have those thoughts that pop up!  Even the most confident of people let this get in the way of their calling and destiny and I want to remind you that there is no one like YOU!

So much of our life is filled with DO-ing that we forget what BE-ing means.  We are in such a fast paced environment that if we are not "hustling" you're not successful enough.  I am here to say that this is NOT TRUE. WHO you are is what matters, not what you do.  Think about WHO you are around your best friends. Guess what, they love you for YOU.  They love you because there is no filter, they love your humor, the way you are when they are with you.  THIS is the real you people need to see.  Even as you are trying to manage your family, business, friendships and doing the things you love..don't forget to be yourself and have fun in the process.  When the masks come down people feel it. They sense authenticity, they feel the real you and it allows others to let their walls and masks down too.  YOU are ENOUGH....MORE than enough.

A few ways I have worked through this myself as well as helped others is:

1. First, realize WHAT is that feeling you sense about "not being enough" or that lie you believe that makes you think you don't know who you are.  And you have to replace it with a positive thing about you! That is the true you.

2. Second, you have to realize that when something is not serving your life and who you are, you have to let it go.

3. Know your worth doesn't come in what you do or don't do, but it's WHO you are that matters.

4. Get clear on WHO you are. Get to know your skills, talents, abilities and passions. This is crucial to fulfillment on this planet!

If you keep letting these little voices tell you you're not enough, then they can stop you from who you were made to be in the first place!  I am tired of watching people's destiny, calling and purpose over their life get stopped because of the fears and lies that creep up.  It is time for you to SHINE!

*The path to success is straight and the walk is confidence and clarity in everything we are doing. (said no one ever)- Need to act like you are confident even when you're not and GO ANYWAY!- Give it a go.

Have you ever been clearly nudged in a direction where you feel like you have put it aside because its been too scary or you feel like you're not enough?

Ladies, I want to invite you into an opportunity that will allow you to dive deeper into this.  We will discus topics of our WHOLE self.  How to lead yourself well so you can lead others.  I am starting my next "more than a" women's bookclub next week!  Here is the info and don't miss it! 4 weeks and you'll uncover some things that have been holding you back. Time to do something FOR YOU!  CLICK HERE TO JOIN!!



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