Author: Jessica
December 31, 2018

2018 was…..
such an incredible year of BE-Ing. It was a year of healing and learning what the grieving process actually looks and feels like. Some of the hardest and best times of my life happened in 2018.

For the past 3-4 years I have been creating words that I live into instead of creating New Years resolutions.  From my experience New Years resolutions don’t really last very long. I’ll find myself focused for a couple months and then fall off the band wagon.  I know many of us are the same.  Yet WORDS are so powerful. They have the ability to give you life or death.  I chose these words very intentionally because it drives every decision I make and I live into these with every fiber of my BE-ing.

2018 words:

I learned what real forgiveness is like, what it means to let go of caring what other people think, and pleasing others. I’ve learned that no matter how much I care, I cannot fix or change anyone and it’s not my responsibility to carry that kind of weight. I’ve learned that my life is worth taking care of wholeheartedly from the inside out.  My heart has been broken yet I don’t think I have been more open to love than now.

I’ve learned that our challenges are the arrow pointing us in the direction of our purposes and we have to go through them in order to build our character and share them with others.

I’ve learned what it means to “risk it all” and be brave to step into what’s ahead without knowing “how” it’s all going to happen or what’s on the other side while fully trusting. I’ve experienced what it’s like to feel so liberated and free!

I went to Cuba on a whim with my brother, one of my best travel partners. I had the honor of leading a Wholeness Journey women’s trip to Thailand working with my passion for human trafficking. I experienced the nasty feels of adrenal dysfunction in my body and healing through it. I learned I’ve had to heal a lot emotionally and how to actually feel it. I learned how to be patient and have grace with myself than ever before.

I had the honor of leading a crew to create an epic event with my friends where more than 50 non-profits and 200 people showed up which inspired many people with a sense of hope and purpose for their life.  I worked at an aerospace company with a bunch of incredible leaders. I created my first local womens leader retreat.  I went to Spain for about the 15th time for many intentional things and to see my family.  I went to Morocco for the first time! 
I started a blog.  I wrote a book (coming soon-2019 baby!) Some of my closest friends had babies or got engaged.  I ended my hairdressing career.  I started a coaching business all to refresh women high performers in leadership.  I went to San Diego with my family for Christmas.  I let go of some friendships and made new ones.  I co-created another non-profit based off travel, connecting with yourself, God and others.  I learned my voice matters more than I thought it ever did.  I learned my prayers are incredibly powerful.  I fought for peoples lives internally and believed for their best when they didn’t believe it for themselves. I’ve also had people fight for me when I didn’t believe in myself. 
I feel most WHOLE and BRAVE than I ever have in my life and it’s cool how those were my words for the year.

I look back and literally am so blessed and grateful for all that can happen in a year when you really embrace every single moment!  2018 was a really good foundational year and I am jumping up and down on the inside because 2019 is about to be full force!  Embracing my calling and living into my purpose with so much vitality.

My words for 2019 are VITALITY and BREAKTHROUGHS.

What’s your word?

Nothin holding us back. Let’s go!



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