Scared to talk about our dreams

Scared to talk about our dreams

Author: Jessica Dahl
July 23, 2019

How many of you have been afraid to talk with others about your dreams and desires because it seems TOO big for you?  Yea, me too!  And guess what, that is OK because that means you are on the right path if your dreams are bigger than you.  If you know you can do it all, the dreams are way too small.  We are on this planet created ON purpose, FOR a purpose.  The God in you is way bigger than your human self so don’t be afraid of those desires and dreams.

Personally, I see a huge need in this world where people are living FULLY who they are and being their healthiest/best version of themselves so they can lead others & sustain whatever they are on this planet to be and do.  This is why I care so much about incorporating the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual side of us into our careers, family, community and becomes the way we contribute to the world! Don't you LOVE when new businesses, projects or non-profits are created?!  I find it amazing because it’s peoples’ dreams that come to life.  If you know me, I am a full on dreamer and DO-er.  If I tell you I am going to do something, it is going to happen. It’s been quite the adventure. A lot of high highs and a lot of low lows but I would never ever take any of it back.

I believe when you say things OUTLOUD, and write it down, it becomes more real to you.  It’s scary saying "typing" this but I want to teach the importance of this stuff to people 1-1, in groups, local & global retreats, on stages of conferences & churches, writing more books, podcasts, videos.  Not because I want to be known. It’s because I believe that every single person.....YOU are WORTH living FULLY ALIVE, created for a purpose. For now, I am doing some of it and doing my best with what is right in front of me at this very moment. There is a sweet spot of releasing the outcome of HOW it's all going to happen and enjoying everything that's in your life RIGHT NOW as you move toward those dreams and desires on your heart.

Anyone else have big dreams and desires they want to share?! I'd absolutely LOVE to know and maybe I can connect you to someone in the process!

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