Whole Leader Retreat

Whole Leader Retreat

Author: Jessica Dahl
January 29, 2020

Have you ever felt like you're running a million miles an hour and then stop wondering how you got to where you are?  Yea, me too!   A few weeks ago, I remember walking into a room filled with people and all of a sudden I felt completely overwhelmed. I realized I was exhausted.  It was Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, I was moving to a new location in LA and still working, projects and trying to have a social life. ALL THE THINGS AND ALL THE FEELS. 

Everything was moving so fast; I was running on adrenaline.  I am also the person that gives everything my ALL. My heart, my energy, my passion, my attention, my focus, etc.  
I remember thinking, oh my goodness in one week I am going to be leading a group of women on a retreat where it’s all about refreshing and refueling our whole lives so we can go back out and serve others more powerfully. And here I am fully exhausted. How in the world can I do that?!

Then I reminded myself that I am human and that just means I can relate to ALL OF YOU! Although my spirit animal is Wonder Woman, I know I still have emotions and breaking points too. Thank goodness because I’d rather connect with a real human too.

So there we went, off to the retreat with women from all over the country of different ages, beliefs, and walks of life!
First off, it was in the most GORGEOUS location in the mountains of Temecula, CA.  The sun was out, the view was perfect, and the group of women was more than we could have ever asked for. 

When setting up experiences like this you begin to realize you can’t do it by yourself. Before putting it together, I thought of people who have a desire to do similar things, make a difference in the lives of others and who had a talent to offer this group of women and the world.  There were a few people highlighted to me so when I asked them to be apart of it, they were an immediate YES.

Thank you to Mandy for sharing parts of your heart and great questions for us all to ponder who we really are, Natalie for your dedication in providing the delicious, nutritious meals, and Christina for your drive and way of making every woman feel like they could love themselves comfortably in their own skin as the photographer!  It wouldn’t have been the same without you leading up to the weekend & the weekend in itself. I have no doubt you are going to do incredible things this year and your whole life!

Last year I learned a lot about the importance of vulnerability. My heart has opened up in ways I never imagined possible.  I had been leading people to have vulnerable conversations for years yet I wasn’t doing it myself. I thought that if I was vulnerable and shared what was really going on in my  life, my fears, doubts, or sadness, then people wouldn’t want to follow me, or they wouldn’t think I was as inspirational as they thought. That is so far from the truth. I have learned that leading with vulnerability (thanks to Brene Brown and many others) is the key to unlocking a powerful and safe space for everyone to be themselves.  At this retreat I cried as I shared WHY all this matters to me. I am not here for myself but for people like my brother and each person that was there. My friend at the retreat says, “wow Jess, I’ve never seen you cry like this.” And well, I took that as a compliment. If I desire for others to get down to WHY they do what they do, I better do that too.

Time and time again, I was amazed by peoples’ openness and vulnerability. Especially as strong, independent women it’s not easy to share the soft, real, vulnerable parts of you. It’s scary.  We celebrated ourselves and each other, collaborated, got freedom from our past, learned how to be present and focused on the passions and living our future with purpose and making an impact in the world all while learning to do it in a healthy/whole way! 

Amazed by the generosity of our sponsors! A HUGE THANK YOU!!!  Please take advantage of the offers they have right now! Reply back with any questions in regards to any of these sponsors and I'd be happy to provide you with any info!

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Lead Your Whole Life Book

Here are a few testimonials from participants!  If you’re interested in coaching on turning your passions to purpose or an experience like this, I’d love to hear from you!  Send me a personal message here!  I read all of the messages! =)

“I work as a Mortgage Loan Officer/Broker and am continually seeking a more balanced lifestyle especially with regard to my spiritual and well-being.  Being able to participate and share our past experiences, our insights, our hopes and dreams for ourselves and our vision of a more conscious, enlightened society was a common theme among the individuals that participated in the Lead Your Whole Life Retreat - I would recommend it to others as part of their journey to an optimum lifestyle and existence.” -Terry Walker

“The Whole Leader Retreat was such a fun, friendly, safe place for women to connect and open up in order to dig in deeper to their lives. I'm so glad I was able to attend. Jess was an incredible leader. I think of her as a connector, like a bridge. All these amazing women needed to meet and provide this network of love for each other going back out into the world knowing they have support. Amazing.” 

“The whole leader retreat was just what I needed to jumpstart 2020. I’m so grateful I was able to participate. I want to live purposefully and make a difference in the world. The retreat through the workshops, activities, and beautiful hearts of the women I was able to rediscover my passions and start dreaming of where I want to take them.” Brianna



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